All three retreats begin at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and end at noon on Sunday. We will enjoy meals together from dinner on Friday through breakfast on Sunday (all meals are provided but please bring any particular food that you require). Each retreat will include lecture, discussion, contemplative and Celtic spiritual practices, time in nature, and time alone if you desire that quiet space. Sunday morning’s session after breakfast will be reserved for a time of group discussion and spiritual direction so that we can take in the themes of the weekend together and experience the wildness and presence of God’s Spirit.


Remembering who we are in Relationship with Self, Others, Nature, and God.    

April, 2020

Celtic Soul is an exploration Celtic perspectives and practices that guide us toward caring and dignified relationship with ourselves, one another, and all of Creation. We will consider the dignity of the human soul, the equality of all people, the sacred nature of every-thing, our responsibility to befriend one another soul-fully, the critical call to befriend and care for Nature, and the call to compassionate actions as a manifestation of the love of God. We will also consider Celtic and Contemplative Christian practices to assist us in joining the Spirit of Christ regularly and skillfully. This retreat is a call to remember who we are as manifestations of Life, Love, and God’s presence always and everywhere.    


Experiencing God through Christ, Nature, Text, Imagination, and Love. 

June, 2020

Dwell takes a deeper dive into the question of how we know and experience God. Christians have always spoken of Christ as the revealed presence of God, but we will explore what it means for the Great Spirit to be that close at hand and always inviting us into God’s presence. This opens questions such as what it means to relate with God and how we can encounter God in Nature, texts (sacred, poetic, and soul-full), the human imagination, and acts of love. We wonder together how do we dwell with God?   And how does God dwell with us?


Everything is Sacred, All Stages of Life, All Relationships

October, 2020

Wandering Homeward looks at the sacred nature of everything. We will consider all of human life, in its unfolding stages from birth to death, as an opportunity to wake up to God’s presence. We will acknowledge that all relationships, with others and with Nature, are seen as manifestations of the Spirit’s presence. This deeper look at the sacred nature of every-thing leads us to consider our own spiritual development and the call to love others through being soul friends, assisting those in need, and taking redemptive actions of love toward every-one and every-thing. Life is seen as a journey that originates in God and is a return to God. Divine participation is our privilege along the way.   


For those in the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program, you will need to attend six group sessions. The Sunday morning portion of each of the retreats counts as a group meeting. Therefore, if you attend all three retreat sessions on Sundays then you will need to complete three other meetings which are held online and locally (see this link for times and dates). If you are unable to attend the Sunday morning retreat groups then you are welcome to fulfill this requirement with six online or local gatherings.      

The online or local group meetings will include formation discussions, practices, and training to direct others in their formation. Additionally, our time together will include spiritual practices from contemplative and Celtic traditions


  • You will read several relevant books on Celtic spirituality, contemplative practice, and the art of spiritual direction. 10-15 texts will be required.

  • You will have several written assignments which include a spiritual autobiography, a verbatim of your work as spiritual director, and a Clinical Portfolio at the conclusion of your training which includes an incorporation of relevant texts, spiritual direction verbatim material, and a synthesis of Celtic principles and spiritual formation, community involvement, and spiritual direction practices.


You will be required to participate in your own spiritual direction by a trained spiritual director for a minimum of 18 months.


You will be required to offer spiritual direction to at least two other persons for one year during the course of your training.


You will be required to be supervised by a trained spiritual director as you offer direction to others.    


  • Each retreat costs $??? which includes meals, lodging, and the retreat content.  

  • You are invited to increase your payment as you are led so that the increase may help to subsidize participants who need assistance with the fee.

  • To help reduce your costs we would like to offer you a $50 discount for each participant you invite who can be with us at the retreat that you are attending.  Thank you for helping us spread the invitation.

  • your own spiritual direction and supervision is your responsibility and is paid for by you as an agreed upon fee with your spiritual director and supervisor.

  • You are responsible for any travel costs to and from each event. 

  • If you are unable to cover the full cost of the program, then please contact us and let us know what you can pay. With the generosity of other participants, we may be able to accommodate your needs.