The Celts had, and still have, a vital tradition of befriending one another with the goal of spiritual support, encouragement, and responsibility for one another. They called this friend a “soul friend”. In the Celtic language of Gaelic that friend was an “Anam Cara”. They knew that a Human life is best understood as part of the Life of God, and as is true about most things, life is relational. One of the most basic forms of relationship is the communion between two souls. A soul friend was committed and skilled relationship to hold the souls of each person with dignity and hope that the unfolding life would be one that is well lived, participates in the things of God, and inspires others toward love, care, and hope.    

To assist modern souls in this dedication to one another and to participating in God’s presence, love, and redemptive action, the Celtic Center offers a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.   We want to help you in your own spiritual growth and responsibility as well as to be able to help others along their way. Although anyone can claim to be a Spiritual Director or Soul Friend, not everyone is ready for that sacred task. Being a wise companion requires a humility and dedication toward one’s own spiritual growth. The work requires study, experience, failures, successes, and imagination. The Celtic Center would like to help you shape your experience, study time-tested spiritual development practices and perspectives so that you can ready yourself to offer guidance, friendship, and wisdom to others along their way. We have developed a holistic program toward this end and would be honored to have you join us.    

You are always welcome to any individual seminar, learning event, community gathering, or spiritual practice.   But if you would like to commit yourself to the whole experience which leads to a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Celtic Center.  You will learn themes of contemplative spirituality from a Celtic perspective thereby deepening your wisdom about God’s work in and through the human developmental process, and you will gain skills in effective listening, conversation, and spiritual disciplines with the goal of accompanying others as they seek their own Divine encounter.    

Some of you will want these skills as they are relevant to all of your relationships, and others may want to employ these skills in professional pastoral and spiritual direction work. 

The Spiritual Direction program consists of three 3-day retreats,  six group gatherings for contemplative practice and spiritual direction instruction and practice, structured readings and writing assignments, personal spiritual direction, and supervised spiritual direction of others. You are welcome to attend the retreats seminars in whatever order serves your lifestyle and schedule although you may enjoy beginning with the Celtic Soul retreat as an introduction. The three group gatherings are scheduled separately either in person or online.  The retreats and experiential learning opportunities are held in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, in the North Seattle area along the Salish Sea / Puget Sound. The reading, writing, individual spiritual direction and supervision are accomplished on your own schedule. You will be guided along each step of the training experience. The principles of Celtic Spirituality and the eternal truth carried by the beauty of Creation combine to create a rich soul-enhancing and well-informed learning experience.