August 9 - 14, 2020 



Step back in time with us to the land that holds the ancient Celtic story deep within its landscapes, ruins, stories, and perhaps most importantly, in the heart of its people.   

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The west coast of Ireland, because it was out of the reach of the Roman Empire, maintained many pre-Christian understandings of our vital relationship with Earth, the cycles of Nature, and the interplay of our lives with the unseen world of the Spirit. Christians allowed these perspectives to live on in their perspective of God’s love, participation in the union with Christ in and through Nature, and beliefs that the sacred is available in all activities of daily life and relationships.    

The island of Inishmore, off the west coast of Ireland, was one of the most influential locations for the development of this Celtic Christian perspective. The early monks, teachers, and leaders were among the most prominent people who influenced the development of this perspective and encouraged its spread throughout the world. They developed communities on the island based on care for one another and the study and practice of Celtic Christian ways. They prepared many to go into the world with the message of love, redemption, and the art-filled and creative practices of a life well lived in the service of the God who is Love. In fact, St. Columba of Iona, came to Inishmore for aspects of his preparation before venturing into the world with this beautiful way of living and practicing the faith.    

The island of Inishmore contains many ruins of churches, monastic communities, hermit cells, graveyards, Celtic crosses, and sacred wells that call our attention back to those early beliefs that are so profoundly needed today. The island is also home to many ruins dated far before Christianity that illustrate the essential human desire to be in relationship with the Spirit, the hope for eternity, and the interplay of Nature, God, and Soul.    

We explore many of these ruins together and pause within the landscape to allow the ancient wisdom, the ancestors, and the Spirit of God to inform our faith and our understanding of how to live out these vital perspectives in our modern world.    

Join Dr. Kirk Webb for learning and discussion about the roots of Celtic Spirituality, times of prayer and spiritual practice, and an exploration of the land and history that holds the foundations of Celtic Christianity. The pilgrimage also provides many moments for silent contemplation, rest, and enjoyment of the natural wonders of the island and the wild Atlantic ocean.   


  • Teachings and discussions on the essential history and themes of Celtic Christianity and pre-Christian spirituality.      

  • Celtic spiritual practices.

  • Consideration of poems and other inspirational writings.

  • Times for silent contemplation.

  • A labyrinth walk at one of the most influential early monastic sites.  

  • A guided hike along the magnificent shore and cliffs to experience the power of the Atlantic ocean meeting land and to enjoy unparalleled natural beauty.       

  • Meals together from Sunday evening through Friday morning.

  • Plenty of time for sleep, rest, exploring the island,  and enjoying the village of Kilronan, the beach, country roads, and the life-giving “green” of Ireland.   



Early Registration fee (before Dec. 31, 2019)

       Single room - $1400 per person

       Shared room - $1250 per person

Regular Registration fee (between Jan. 1 and July 1, 2020)

Single room - $1550 per person

Shared room - $1400 per person

Non-Refundable Deposit due at the time of registration - $400

Registration deadline is July 1, 2020



Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland - Aran Islands Hotel Chalets


  • Lodging

  • Breakfasts and Dinners from Sunday evening to Friday morning

  • Transportation to and from program events

Not included

  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation costs in getting to the island of Inishmore, Ireland.   Those costs will likely include:

    • Airfare

    • Bus and/or train fare

    • Ferry to the island

    • Taxi from the dock to the hotel and return to the dock at the end (or you can choose to make this 9 minute walk).    

  • All lunches are on your own.  An easy walk into the village of Kilronan offers several lunch options and a grocery store.

  • Transportation outside of programmed events.   

There are 9 chalet rooms available that sleep two people (one bed).  The group is limited to between 9 and 18 people depending upon room needs. Please consider registering early to secure your spot due to the smaller group size.